Well, I got into an accident just after I posted my last blog entry. A scooterist, tearing down the main thoroughfare failed to brake and banged into me. Although nothing happened by the grace of God, I did realize that my life was precious and could be snatched away from me by a small mistake. Well, enough of senti stuff... I had another chat about E-Biz with Ashutosh. This new fangled concept of network marketing does not appeal very much to me. Also, I'm worried about the legal ramifications. As of now, I don't think I will join.
Soumya and me are currently playing a long distance chess match over e-mail. He's playing the "English Open" to confuse me as usual, but beware Soumya, I have played with plenty of good opponents here and I just might have improved a bit...
Tutorials and Practicals just keep on coming throughout the week. I just finished 2 tutorial sheets for today last night by 1 am and I am on my way to the 3rd. Test papers for the mid sem exams have been corrected and are being distributed. I am in the middle of my class in Maths with 21 on 35 and I have done ok in Physics with 20 on 25. Let's see how the other papers go.
I think tonight is going to be another long night with a huge physics practical to be completed for tomorrow.... Hmmm, maybe the load might seem less as now we don't have Saturdays as working days.
That's a long post for today. That's all the time I have on my hands now. See you as soon as possible.... (I don't know how many people have even seen my blog since it came online, I will have to publicize the link).


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