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Of Parting Friends

Life goes on much as before,  The characters change but the books are old The books, they speak; the words unfold Life's sweetest melodies. ~~ Divye Kapoor, 14 May 2011

Swagat's Testimonial

It feels really good once in a while to receive a testimonial from a person you've worked with, one who truly understands you and your abilities. Swagat has been a dear friend - one with whom I've spent countless hours and from whom I've learnt a lot. As part of the usual rituals before passing out from campus, he wrote me a testimonial. Here's what he had to say: Swagat Konchada  says:   In a few days, we'll go our ways out of this place. In a few months, you'll start a new life and all this  would be nothing but a memory. However, I think  our memories would be the best of the lot in my mind.    I learned more from Divye than from the rest of the campus. He's a treasure of uncalculable amount of knowledge. And the best thing is there is no mystery behind why he is the DK. Many people have a superstition that hard work is for someone who has no ability/skill. DK is the first person who shattered such orthodoxy in me by proving how a combination

An Introduction to Unity Keyboard Shortcuts

Credit: So, a number of people have posted that they don't like the new Unity Desktop interface so much on the new Ubuntu 11.04 . You're reading this guide because you probably are having trouble adjusting to it. I, on the other hand, am starting to find Unity quite an improvement over the so called Ubuntu Classic interface. So, to help you out, here are a couple of tips that will push you along on the path of becoming a Unity fanboy. Observation: The main menu bar for all applications has been shifted into the title bar. This is quite similar to the way the Mac handles things. The currently running application's title bar is hidden in the top bar. To show it, you can either move your mouse over to the top bar or you can press the Alt key. I personally prefer the Alt key as it's a keyboard friendly way of accessing the menu.  Many people have gripes with the left sidebar present in the Unity interface. The primary problem bei