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BUCK2 import Maven dependencies

Meta's BUCK2 doesn't yet have Java and Android support (see github issue 394 ), however, it's useful to have a script to autogenerate remote_file and prebuilt_jar rules from Maven coordinates, if the code did work. If you're trying to get BUCK2 to compile Java, save yourself the trouble just yet and use Bazel - it should work for you.  That said, here's a quick attempt at a script to import maven jars for BUCK. If it's useful to you, feel free to use. #!/usr/bin/env bash # # Import a Maven dependency based on the coordinates. # # # Print debug log # set -x # Exit on error set -e if [[ $# != 1 ]]; then echo Usage: $0 com.pinterest.optimus:library:version echo echo Imports the given Maven target into a BUCK file in third_party/ exit 1 fi # Change to third-party directory cd `dirname $0` MVN_COORDS=$1 GROUP_ID=$(echo $MVN_COORDS | cut -f 1 -d:) ARTIFACT_ID=$(echo $MVN_COORDS | cut -f 2 -d:) VERSION=$(echo $MVN_COORDS | cut -f 3 -d:) MAVEN_CENTRAL_UR

How to correctly compile Thrift using Maven

The is old and largely unmaintained (last updated 2013). It should not be used anymore. The correct plugin to use is org.apache.thrift:thrift-maven-plugin which was last updated in 2017.  The main problem with the maven-thrift-plugin and the thrift-maven-plugin is that it doesn't correctly integrate with the maven generate-sources command (at-least for Maven 3.8.4). The way to fix that is to change the generated sources to be placed in the src/main directory of the maven package. The ` <generator>java</generator> ` is to fix some of the backward incompatible changes on the thrift compiler's command line (usually shows up as an error: " unknown option java:hashcode").  Adding the following to your pom.xml will allow a process where the thrift files can be manually updated with a local command the rest of the compile is straightforward.  <plugin> <!-- Note: trigger rebuild of java classes from thrift