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Crazy free hand drawing

Divya and I had some free time. We spent it making this crazy free hand drawing. We did it turn by turn, each putting in a stroke or two from a blue pen. It's kind of reflective of the times. :)

Bye Bye Google... It was a great run.

Today's my last working day at Google... Hi folks,    After 4 years, 1500+ CLs, 50 design docs, 15 major launches and 2 amazing teams, it is now time for me to hang my boots at Google. It's been an amazing journey and a great feeling to have touched the lives of millions / billions of people and I'm sad for having to leave all of this behind. I have learnt a lot from all of you: about life, about people and about code. It's been exhilarating and instructive and I'm very happy to have been a part of it.  Google is an amazing company, possibly a company that comes once in a generation. However, a new future awaits me at LinkedIn (just down the street) with different problems to solve and new people to meet. I hope the future for all of you will be just as bright. Wishing you the best. Do stay in touch! I'm sure our paths are likely to cross again another day. LI: FB:

Static sites on Github with a Custom Domain

I recently tried hosting a static site on Github with a custom domain. Github's docs on getting this done are unnecessarily confusing. Here's a quick snapshot of how to get this done quickly: I'm going to use the Github repo as an example. The custom domain is . You can just change the values in the 2 bash variables below and execute the same sequence of steps. Verify that everything worked by visiting your website published on Github: eg. for the repo. If you have a different repo name, just use that along with your username: eg. http://${GITHUB_USER}${REPO_NAME} Next, visit your domain's DNS registrar and add a DNS A record pointing to Github. The Github static IP addresses are detailed here: . For reference, at the time I did my configuration, they were: 192.3

India Inflation History 1958 - 2014

India's had some terrible inflation lately, I took some time to figure out the cumulative 2-year, 3-year, 5-year and 10-year cumulative price index (CPI) based inflation figures in the cumulative price index (CPI) over the past 56 years. These numbers are based on a dataset from Here are the numbers: annual inflation (dec vs. dec) inflation 2-year trailing inflation 3-year trailing inflation 5-year trailing inflation 10-year trailing inflation CPI India 2014 5.86% 15.53% 28.43% 49.72% 124.06% CPI India 2013 9.13% 21.32% 29.19% 62.60% 119.66% CPI India 2012 11.17% 18.38% 29.60% 63.45% 108.77% CPI India 2011 6.49% 16.57% 34.03% 55.13% 93.80% CPI India 2010 9.47% 25.86% 38.07% 55.19% 91.38% CPI India 2009 14.97% 26.12% 33.07% 49.66% 80.91% CPI India 2008 9.70% 15.74% 23.30% 35.09% 58.09%