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Mac v/s Vista

With Apple now shifting to the Intel platform - the Mac has become another shark hungry for the market share being doled out by the beleaguered Microsoft Vista. To quote from the Apple web site: Why upgrade to Vista when you can upgrade to Mac? Especially when you can move all your stuff from an old PC to a shiny new Mac in less time than it takes to add the memory, hard disk space, and graphics card you’ll probably need to install Vista. Here are three easy ways to make your move. That's a pretty strong statement coming from the Apple stable and yet another indication of the poor feedback offered by Vista users. Personally, I feel Vista is still just as secure as Windows XP from the user's point of view but more secure from the programmers viewpoint. The whole crux of the matter being that Microsoft forgot its end users while trying to implement new revolutionary (read: proprietary) technology for its programmers. With the .NET platform still stuck onto Windows due to the poor

ऑनलाइन video editing

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