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Expectations of an Engineering Manager

This is a beautiful article that very succinctly and accurately defines management responsibilities: The key principles being: Support the members of your team and help them grow. Follow along the deliveries, setting quality standards, making sure the team has the support they need and upper management the feedback they need [through you and without you] Keep a constant practice of creating, improving or eliminating team or company processes. There are some issues with the article as well: for example, the reliance on Andy Grove's definition of management is something that I don't fully agree with. It's a reasonable definition, don't get me wrong. It's even valuable in certain ways, I just don't fully agree with it though. Traditionally, Andy Grove defined a manager's output as the sum of their team's output and the teams under influence output . This is great if the goal of your organization's managers is to play politics at promotion time (hey I i