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A Dragon-rider arrives...

Good evening Natasha-san,    How are you? I trust that your private dragon-ship brought you here safely? Were there any difficulties? Welcome to Terran... Please come this way...    Thank you for coming. We have been looking forward to your arrival. As you know, 2046 has not been a good year for us. Crime is rife and Commissioner Gordon is having several difficulties in keeping it in check. Ever since the plague of oh-twelve forced the shuttering of the Star-money line of caffeine dispensers, the plebes here on Terran have not been the same. Caffeine deprivation has made them irritable and lethargic... The State is yet to recover from the repercussions. But, I'm getting too far ahead of myself. You will be meeting Dr. Cooper shortly. He will be able to explain the situation far better than I ever can... What would you like to have in the meanwhile? Any lunch? I understand that Broccoli Cheese Souffle is your favorite? I'm sure you know that we prepare it especially well he