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The 6-verse Prelude of the Gaudapada Karika

 The following link is the text of the Gaudapada Karika  embedded in a book length commentary by Shri Raghunath Damodar Karmarkar. As discussed in the preface commentary, the style of the text is in terse Sutra style and the text has not evolved over the ages - it has been reprinted from an original manuscript. In the book, the full Gaudapada Karika is explained page by page starting from (PDF) page 60 with a literal line-by-line English translation (as can be easily verified) Page 60 of the PDF version of the book looks as follows (red-emphasis mine):  The 6 verses of the prelude are clearly visible before the start of Chapter 1. Their numeric annotations are added to indicate that they are in the clear style of the Gaudapada - in tight sutra with numerical meanings attached. My interest in the 6 verses of the untranslated prelude stem from a link to standard Number Theory in mathematics, where the indicated cycle lengths are the typical cycle lengths associated with the respective Su