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How to debug a crashing docker container

If want to run your docker process with some tweaks because it's crashing in your docker container and causing the container itself to stop (without giving you a way to inspect the files on the image), here's the magic command to start it with just bash. (I found this after quite a bit of hunting on the internet, the magic flag is --entrypoint and don't forget the -s at the end) Here's a sample command: docker run -it --entrypoint /bin/bash  $IMAGE -s Sourced from:

How to be an Effective Engineer?

Read this book by Edmond Lau:  Highly recommended. His experiences parallel my own. The book is written engagingly, quick to read and succinct in its delivery. 

Understanding Divye

I typically share the contents of this document the first time I meet someone I'm going to be working with for a long time. Style of communication: Direct and clear. I don't do well reading between the lines. If you would like me to know something, please say something. What is important to me: High quality code and a highly productive, functional team. I don't believe in posturing. I believe in commitments and delivery. Delivering more and talking less is a good way to show impact. What kind of leader I'm trying to become: One who can grow people. I'm driven by Mission, Vision, Values. What I value in an organization: Transparency, Trust and Integrity. If you have a problem, speak up. Don't ever go behind someone's back. Bring problems up together so that I can see both sides represented fairly. Be direct. What I seek in people I work with: Ability to execute and potential to grow. I will endeavor to make you a better engine