Ok. I'm already starting to behave like a bad blogger. I haven't come to the comp centre for nearly a week now and I seriously need to regularize this. Well, I met Gopal online today and he has reiterated that he is going to Harvard on a 125% scholarship to study "Economics and International Affairs" on an integrated doctoral programme with a non-degree granting programme in Energy at MIT (I might have jumbled the terminologies a little bit but you get the idea) without finishing his boards in India as a graduation is not a criterion for admission into Harvard. Oh, and he recently had a meeting with the director of IIT Delhi and his book on energy independence has just been listed on Amazon. I met Rutwik online too. Tarush, Rutwik and Karan are planning a day off from college. I hope they enjoy themselves and have some decent Indian food after the continental stuff they have been eating for the past month (They are only about an hour away from each other by train in the US). I don't know what's happenned to Ankur, I need to get in touch with him.
On another note, the match with Soumya has progressed another step. Let's see what move I get in reply. I scrapped plenty of people over a course of an hour and a half on orkut and I have a physics practical to get done before tomorrow and my stomach is rumbling with hunger. Time for a glass of milk and something to eat.
Just a random thought, a lot of people fall sick in hostel because they don't drink enough water. For all those reading this, just keep in mind to force down atleast 2-4 glasses of water with every meal, even if you don't feel like it.
That's all for now. Until next time, Ciao!
PS: Warning: Don't join orkut, it is highly addictive and a huge time sink. Trust me, I know


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