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My Blog is Too Geeky

It's a sad sad truth. I hope to change that someday. But that day doesn't seem to be coming soon enough.

The Rise of China and the Emerging Markets

I'm posting a graph from Google Finance today. It graphs the relative movement of various currencies over the past few years. The graph is extremely interesting. The baseline for this graph is the USDCNY downward slope. View the other currencies against that baseline. Some interesting observations: The US Dollar has depreciated 20% against the Chinese Renminbi since late 2005. The other way to look at this statistic is that the Chinese Renminbi has appreciated 20% against the world standard currency - the dollar. That's because its exports are in much greater demand across the world and more so in America. America has a $295 billion trade deficit with China that is fueled primarily by American consumerism and its insatiable appetite for imported goods at low rates. The US Dollar has appreciated 20% against the Indian Rupee since 2005 but we all know that the dollar isn't doing too well as a currency. What then explains this increase? The answer, my friend, lies

C++: Some Frequently Questioned Answers

Through a series of random mumblings too hard to explain here, I landed on this amazing thread on comp.lang.c++.moderated . Basically, the thread is a significant rant about why C++ is horrible and it posts a link to a site that actually rips apart the C++ FAQs. That site has taken up amazing amounts of the author's time and energy and definitely deserves a link here. My suggestion is that you take the time and go through the site here but if you just want to cut to the chase, here's a list of some articles that I went through: Defective C++ Big Picture Issues Classes and Objects Input-Output There's tons of other useful information on that site that you must experience for yourself. However, before leaving you, here's a bunch of other random stuff that I've been reading: The fully legal Programming in Scala first edition ebook The lawsuit between Oracle and Google: Can you Copyright Computer Languages? A brief history of Microsoft's dirty le