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Sadi Gali - Punjabi Lyrics and Meaning (in English) - Tanu Weds Manu

Another superb song makes its appearance on the Bollywood scene. Sadi Gali from Tanu Weds Manu is a perfect Punjabi Dance track. Performed by Lehmber Husainpuri from RDB, words aren't sufficient to describe it. Just listening to it makes you want to jump up and start tapping your feet to the music. It's even garnered over a million plays on Youtube. In an effort to make this song's lyrics accessible to the masses, here's the meaning of the song in English paragraph by paragraph. I made it while listening to this song non-stop on loop. Hope you enjoy it!   Kudiyan de vich phir hassdi khed di [Hasdi] x 4 Khed di Ho, gutt di parandi teri naag wangu meldi [Naagawa-] x 4 -ngu meldi Again you're smiling and playing in the midst of girls Ho, Your "gutt da paranda"* resembles the moves of a snake gutt da paranda = An artificial hair extender often worn by Punjabi women to increase the length of their locks. Kudiyan de vich phire hassdi khed di College nu j

How do you prevent other linux users from listing your files in a directory?

I'd got this question from Ahmet from Turkey via Aardvark . I'd known this answer for a while and it was trivial to reply. For posterity, here's my answer: The short and sweet answer: 1) Use the chmod tool to remove the "others read/write/execute" permission bits from the directories that you don't want others to be viewing. A command like     chmod 750 /path/to/directory/root  should do the trick. You might even want to consider the -R option for recursive application of these permissions. Note: if you don't use the recursive option, you might be able to ls or cd into a subdirectory even if the parent directory has the permissions disabled. 2) For an explanation of why this works, just have a look at this site:  - the directory permissions section should make things clear. A short synopsis is: Read permission on a directory - Allows ls to list the files in the directory Write permission on a directory