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Biking in San Francisco: Embarcadero to Sausalito, Golden Gate Park

En route to the Golden Gate Bridge Let's move away from the techie nature of this blog for a bit. I've been out biking with friends lately. A couple of weeks ago, Siddharth , Divya , Karthik and I went biking. We took the famous Fisherman's Wharf to Sausalito route in San Francisco, going across the Golden Gate bridge and coming back by ferry (passing the famous  Alcatraz Prison Island ) to The Port of San Francisco . The route was extremely picturesque - the only issue was that my phone was dead. Therefore, please forgive the few pics that I've got of the occasion. At the Golden Gate Park Today, I went biking with Venkat and Eric . We're on the same team at Google. Venkat is a super fitness enthusiast - he runs and bikes for miles at a time. A little known fact - he's done some classes on Martial Arts too. Eric's the workaholic who finds it preferable to be working at midnight on a Saturday night than going out and partying (please note

The Facebook S1 Filing - Stay Away from the IPO: I mean it

So, this evening, I finally took some time out of my really busy schedule of snacking on Pop Chips and drinking free soda at the Google microkitchens  to read the Facebook S1 filing ( PDF ) (yes, I read that whole thing from cover to cover). It was an interesting read: full of financial mumbo jumbo that doesn't quite feel interesting until you start keeping track of who earns how much due to what deals struck between which parties. It's all pretty convoluted, yet pretty simple too. To make sense of everything in that document, all you need to do is to keep in mind the character played by Jesse Eisenberg  in " The Social Network " ( Trailer ). Yeah, everything that that movie depicts - very likely true. So, before going ahead with my deconstruction of that opaque document full of legalese, here's my first reaction that I was about to post to Google+  before writing this post: Compare the S-1 IPO filing documents for Google  ( PDF ) and Facebook ( PDF ).