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Tune Meri Jaana Kabhi Nahin Jaana - Lonely (Emptiness) - IIT Guwahati - Rohan Rathore

Update: Rohan Rathore and his tragic story is a hoax for sure. This is confirmed. I've talked to my friends at IIT Guwahati and there is no record of such a person ever existing on campus. Nobody at IIT-G knew him and if a person dies in tragic circumstances, nearly everyone in the IIT knows it. The story about Rohan Rathore was created in order to gain views for a video on Youtube. So let us all put the "fake" Rohan Rathore to rest permanently as a person who never existed. Therefore, we can be very sure that the original singer of the song is Gajendra Verma. I'm leaving the original post below for archival purposes. ------ Original Post follows ---- I was introduced to this song by Sanat nearly a month ago and today, after listening to it again on Youtube,  I really felt that I needed to transcribe its lyrics. It's such a soulful song that you can't help feeling sentimental after hearing it - especially since the IITian (Rohan Rathod) who wrote a