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Ekta Kapoor had a reason when she named her serials with a K. K has a universal appeal. Have a look at Gopal's Blog on this topic:
As far as I have been able to discern, there is no law that states that momentum must be quantized. It is defined to be a continuously varying function dependant on the velocity of the particle according to the relativistic equations derived from the Lorentz Transformations . However, this article: on the web puts forth on first glance a convincing argument for the quantization of momentum. I haven't analyzed the mathematics in detail but can anybody spot some flaws?
I recently received a forward mail from Utsav that has generated some debate. I am posting it below. Forwarded Conversation Subject: Fabolous Article abt India!!!Are we dreaming the correct future for ourselves!!!!!! DO read ------------------------ From: utsav kumar Date: Mon, Jan 22, 2007 at 5:41 PM I belong to life's batch of 1979 and as I grew up through the 1980s and early 1990s I was deeply embarrassed about India. About everything, our movies, our cricket team, our athletes, our products, our infrastructure, our poverty, our politicians and the whole damn system. No matter what we did, we fell painfully short of potential. Time and again! It hurt because I wanted to belong to a big, strong nation that could kick some a** and not to some laggard. But the story has changed, and how! Here I am in a brand new 2007, miles away from sweet home India, yet still closely following her story. Now they all say that it is not so much 'whether or not' as much as 'w
I recently posted a very intriguing and irritating problem with a C++ program on the GCC help group. A certain piece of (incorrect) code was returning a defined answer when compiled with DevC++ and g++ on linux. Have a look at the problem and the solution here . If you are really interested in competing with the best at the highest level, come for Cognizance , IITR's tech fest. Plenty of programming opportunities (multiple programming events and great cash prizes). Make sure you check out the E&C department's and Maths Department's list of events.
Yippee. A new template for my blog. I seriously got bored of the previous one. How do you like it?
How many times have you wasted hours in finding good website templates? Google searches for " web templates ", " free html templates " and the like give terrible results. I found a really good site that hosts a lot of Open Source Web Templates. Its really terrific and I'm not kidding. Kudos to Open Source and all the people who actively support it.
A lot of people have been asking me about what they should make for the ISC Physics project. Well, all I can tell them and those who are here looking for more info is that I made a full wave rectifier . Its really easy and fun to make and the concepts of a diode are really cleared up. For more info, consult Wikipedia or Google : full wave rectifier . While on this topic, I came across some good explanations about the internal working structure of a transistor . Its by an amateur electronics hobbyist but he does a good job on the whole. Check out his site . Also, if you want to keep up with posts on this blog, you can add an RSS feed to your browser. The instructions to do this vary from browser to browser but in the case of Firefox, look for an orange icon in the title bar. In case you find any broken links, don't hesitate to send me a comment stating the problem.