Wednesday, January 02, 2013

On the institution of "Marriage"

Marriage: probably the most important decision in a lifetime. Once taken, it needs to be invested into and nurtured. The foundations of a marriage govern the lifetime of decisions that follow. You, my dear sister, have begun your trek on that very long journey. Here's wishing you a marriage of equals with healthy relationships and strong foundations and the hope that it will sustain you through the trials and tribulations of life. Shilpi Didi - congratulations on your wedding.

Your loving brother,
~ Bits.

Written to my cousin on 15th May, 2012, congratulating her on her wedding.

The Beauty of Shakespeare

I came across these lines on Quora. They are beautiful and they touched me greatly. There is a reason why Shakespeare is revered and this is it. Take a couple of minutes to enjoy the beauty of his poetry.