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What Microsoft is Today

I read this on the LinkedIn groups' Microsoft current and ex-employees forum and it really touched my heart. I've worked (more accurately, interned) at Microsoft and I can understand the pain that he has felt. Read the mail below and form your own opinions about MSFT. LinkedIn Groups Group: Microsoft - Current and Former Employees Discussion: I think MS is dying because of losing capability of innovation, losing capability to keep those talent people to work for her, and the fatal reseason of MS dying is Value of Closing" and "Isolated" Here's my personal experience of trying to innovate at Microsoft. I spent 14.5 years at there. I'm one of the co-inventors of ClearType, I have some 20-odd granted US Patents, so I think I have some credibility... Approximately 2.5 of my Microsoft years were the best years of my (long) working life. About 12 of