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Arranged marriages aren't so bad after all

"Arranged marriages aren't so bad after all"....can u elaborate? Ramnik asked me this question over chat and it was thought provoking... I've always held a few beliefs about marriage that I established after quite a bit of research (journals and plain old internet trolling). I can't really reference everything that I went through but these are the principles that I established for myself: Why an arranged marriage? In an arranged marriage, "you" are taken out of the picture while selecting a pool of eligible candidates... Your parents know you and seek to find people with a similar background, culture and most importantly values... Having shared values is super important.... it's very risky to have a marriage where the two partners have been brought up in such disparate environments that they value things differently (eg. would one of the partners consider it beneath them to help maintain the house? How do you treat parents? What is the role of helper