Life Updates after the internship

Hello Web Surfer,
Firstly - Apologies! Its been a really long time since my last (reasonable) post and I've been neglecting my blog a lot. Mostly, this can be attributed to my internship at Microsoft which sapped me for over 2 months and then the brilliant work I've been doing at Zigndog. Forgive me for all the neglect and thank you for your brilliant patience. Given the long absence of updates, it is only fair that I give you a peek into the inner workings of my life (If you're not really interested, just skip on to the next post, you just might like spicy letters to the Dean :D ).
I've been tweeting a lot about DesignChef and Zigndog. If you don't already know of it, Zigndog is Puneet Jaggi's brainchild startup that working in the Web Development and Print Design space. Its working out well - Zigndog got 2 special mentions at the first DesignChef Logo Challenge and Second Place at the DesignChef UX Challenge. That's bagged us a cool Rs. 10,000 as a cash prize, not to mention a lot of positive publicity. (Hey! DirectI got so impressed by our work, we got contacted by them to do some work on rush basis). Of course, needless to mention that I was involved in the creation of the UX. But, collars up comments apart, serious kudos should go the entire team - Sampath, Rishabh, Sanat, Vikesh, Puneet and Priyanka Mdm. This was the outcome of our team effort and nothing significant could have been achieved without each one playing his part. Besides this, we've been working hard at ensuring that all our clients get satisfied. Something that's rather tough to achieve. (Trust me... Specially if you're planning to go for a startup someday)
Ok, here's the deal - I need to post some meaningful stuff that will document my internship and not leave you bored to death... First, some tech stuff: - That's my internship presentation on Coalescing. Don't even bother reading about it if you're not interested (I don't have a transcript of my speech, so the slides are rather empty). It suffices to say that people liked it and I met my personal goal of getting across 60% of my work. Most people failed in their early twenties... :)
On the non tech front, here are a few images that document the really fun time I had in Hyderabad while sampling restaurants and enjoying the weekends. Thanks a lot everyone! It was great fun. Oh, and as a parting note - Happy Birthday Umesh!
This photo was taken at the Ramoji Film City. Its located about 2 hours away from Hyderabad but its a "must visit" for any tourist.
Taken at Tirupati. The golden cupola at the center is the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Balaji at the Tirupati temple. Many many thanks to P. Abhyuday and his family for making our trip such a memorable experience.


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