[Cinema Club] Appeal

Dear Sir,
   I would like to inform you about a number of irregularities that have taken place in the selection and subsequent notification of the secretary of the Cinema Club. The professors in charge have refused to consider my case and hence I am resorting to this final recourse of appeal to you.

To give you a little background, I would like to state my version of events. You may wish to verify this with any you deem suitable:-
1. A notice was issued wherein applications were requested for application to the post of Secretary, Cinema club on Monday/Tuesday - 17th/18th August.
2. The notice clearly stated that applications must be deposited in the office of the undersigned Prof. R. Prasad (of Electrical Department) by 20th August 2009. I complied with the same, having slipped in my application to his room at about 4:45 PM on 20th August 2009 (today). He was not present in his room and the timetable in his office showed that he was in a Lab. I visited some Labs in the department but was unable to locate him.
3. Just before 6 PM, I am informed, in casual conversation, by one of my batchmates that interviews for the post of Secretary Cinema Club have already taken place at 5 PM in the office of Professor R. C. Mittal (of Mathematics Department) and that he has already notified the selected candidate by issuing a letter to Mr. Somya Mohan.
4. I immediately rush to the office of Prof. R. Prasad where I meet him and ask him whether he has received my application for the post. I am informed by him that he has received the application but that it is too late as he has already conducted the interviews, the result of which has already been  declared.
5. I appeal to him by stating that I have complied with all directions of the notices and all  the information that was available with me. He refuses to consider my case. 
7. At 6:30 PM at his behest, I have a telephonic conversation with Prof. R C Mittal wherein he states that he was made aware of my application by Prof. Prasad but was not willing to consider it.
8. On further conversation with Prof. Prasad, I come to know that information about the interviews was passed on to the applicants through a single person - Mr. Somya Mohan via the phone during the afternoon.

I would like to make the following representation:
1. I was not given a chance to represent myself at the interview for the post.
2. My application, though within time and present at the requested place was not accepted by the concerned Professor.
3. The interviews were scheduled before the deadline for applications had elapsed.
4. Only oral notification of the interviews was made and that too via a single student, who was also an applicant for the post and thus had significant self interest in the matter.
5. The results were declared before the deadline for applications had elapsed.
6. I was given no valid reason for the rejection of my application and my request for revoking/modifying/holding the earlier order in abeyance were summarily dismissed.

I feel that I have been unfairly discriminated against in this process.
Due process was not followed for the notification of interviews which were conducted without considering all applicants and before the expiry of the application deadline. Further, I wish to state that the interview procedure followed was arbitrary, unfair and opaque.

I request you to hear me out and take corrective measures as necessary so that my grievances are redressed. I shall be depositing a hardcopy of this application in your office tomorrow.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
Divye Kapoor
4th Year
B.Tech (IDD) CSI
IIT Roorkee

At bottom, every man knows perfectly well that he is a unique being, only once on this earth; and by no extraordinary chance will such a marvelously picturesque piece of diversity in unity as he is, ever be put together a second time. -Friedrich Nietzsche, philosopher (1844-1900)


  1. That Sucks.. Its sad that Things like that happen even here..

    Still good to know man that ppl like you are interested to make things work in the right way...

    All the best for future...

  2. My attention has been drawn to this blog. I appreciate his viewsbut facts are as follows :

    (i) Interviews for Secretary Cinema club were started at 5 past 5(17:05 pm). I was busy in the students seminar upto 5'o clock.
    (ii) I was given only three application by Prof. Prasad.
    (iii) Interviews were for these three who were present there.
    (iv) We found Somya Mohan best out of present candidate and appointed him.
    (v) When I reached my home I got a call from Prof Prasad that there was one more application in his room. He told that it must be dropped after 5'0 clock.
    (vi)Kapoor(you) made a call and pleaded his case. I had already given a letter to Soumya Mohan and was not in position to withdraw it without any proper justification.
    (vii) Next day I was out of station for some work.

    -R C Mittal


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