Geeky Stuff - The Linux Kernel Implementation of Pipes, FIFOs and other Filesystems

I had to create a presentation on the implementation of Pipes and FIFOs on GNU/Linux for my Network Programming class (we're doing some background on IPC). Since I couldn't find any decent documentation online, I decided to dive deep into the Linux kernel code and see what devils were lurking beneath the pipe() and the mkfifo() system calls. The end result? A rather organized documentation of how pipes and FIFOs are implemented on linux (including some stuff about the pipefs filesystem). You can use this documentation in a variety of ways (including creating your own, new filesystem, for linux), but beware, I've made this complete documentation by reading the code. It elides a lot of informative stuff and might be incorrect in places. I would love to hear about anything wrong or misleading in this documentation. I undertake no responsibility if something happens to you, your computer or someone else's computer if you use/misuse the information provided. Please feel free to use the information as you see fit, but keep your eyes open and your mind working. I release this presentation into the public domain. However, I would love to hear if you liked it and used it somewhere.

The presentation is located here.


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