Enjoy Everything You Do

Live the life of a dolphin,
Travel the world without fear,
Whether to the top of a mountain,
Or where the water ain't clear.

Fear not to push the ceiling,
Try to reach for the sky,
Go with the flow if you want to,
Or be left high and dry.

Speak your words with feeling,
Enjoy everything you do.
Play from dawn to the evening,
Is that not everything you do?

Follow the world in its footsteps,
Or make the world follow you.
Do everything with feeling.
Enjoy everything you do.


  1. ha ha ha ha...
    so this is how Divye kapoor rocks...
    keep on writing...

  2. Anonymous3:08 AM

    hi bhiya,
    nice posts....
    wish the other 3rd yrites were also like u....doing something sensible rather than "***INTERACTING***" with freshers....

  3. nice one ... btw did you know that dolphins are the most advanced and intelligent creatures on earth followed by mice and then by humans (as according to the great douglas adams)

  4. I know Douglas Adams says a lot of things and I always take them with a grain of salt. I will go as far as agreeing with him that the ratio of brain size to body mass is the greatest in dolphins, followed by mice and then humans but if you say use that fact to judge intelligence - I would say that you are mistaken. 1 cubic meter of space does not contain the same weight of cotton as that of iron. Similarly, efficency of packing or rather brain utilization is a major factor in this judgement.

  5. im assuming you havent read the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy .. have you?
    btw i hate having to type iajaoeh everytime i want to comment...


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