Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bird of Fire

Fly, Fly, Fly little bird in the sky.
You own the heavens - the Earth and the Sky.
Lie, Lie, Lie, asleep in the clouds,
Free from cares, from worldly bounds.
You creature of mirth, of joy abound.

Live, Live, Live, a life full of dreams,
Unchecked by dearth of form or means.
Pray, Pray, Pray for a life full of song,
For finding a rhythm to play along.
You creature of milk, to heavens belong.

Say, Say, Say, the words in your heart,
Bring a smile with a kind remark.
Day, day, day a day in your life,
Opens a door from formless night.
You warrior of words, of shape and light.

Inspired by - To a Skylark by P. B. Shelly

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