Well, this is an update on the revision in syllabus. It has now been confirmed of sorts that the entire syllabus for the first year will be revamped for the incoming batch and all the rubbish courses like engineering graphics and thermal/material sciences will be made electives. The course load will be reduced and the new batch will have 2 computer programming courses - basic programming and data structures in the first year itself. There will now exist only about 6 core courses and the remaining will have to be chosen from about 19 electives. However, these changes in syllabus and content will not be propagated to our batch. Well, the juniors always have all the fun! Not fair!
End semester exams are from the 25th but the good news is that (assuming i clear the end sems), I will never have to sit in another chemistry and biotechnology lecture. :D I still have another semester of physics and 2 sems of maths to go, but this is reason enough to smile.
The bad news is that my physics practical exam went off very badly (300% error from the standard value and a maximum permissible error of 6%) and i have no clue about how my chem practs went so I really can't comment on it. I'll be back in Jamshedpur by the 10th of December and leave again on the 29th. New years day has to be celebrated in the Institute itself as we have classes from the 1st :( Those who are planning to be around in JSR in this time interval, please do comment. (Do get away from orkut, all of you!)
Another update is that the Cognizance team has been formed and has started working to make IIT Roorkee's Tech Fest a huge success. For those of you interested in engineering - you are invited to take part. Cogni should be held in Feb or March. Sponsors invited!


  1. Anonymous8:46 AM

    Boss ... nice article ... did not know you had so much free time :) ... why don't you give me a call the next time you are free ...


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