Well, a lot has happened over the last month in my personal life. My grandmother, Shrimati Uma Kapoor, expired on 30th October and I went to Delhi for mourning. Also, we had Thomso, our cultural fest, featuring Shibani Kashyap, Zero, a Hasya Kavi Sammelan (Thahake) and a fashion show (Vogue) October and my mom's birthday was on the 29 with professional models from NIFT, Delhi, from 26th to 29th too.
I enjoyed all of these events in Thomso and participated in a salsa workshop too (with a fourth year student of a college in Kaithal - Geeta Mittal, who is now placed in IBM) but I made a mess of it as I really have 2 left feet. However, Dadima's death has left me with a feeling of loss...
Having rather mixed feelings on the happenings of this last month, and also due to shortage of time, I would rather not blog about my feelings. As for the present, I am loaded with tutorials as usual but a really nice thing that is happening at the institute is that we are being asked to fill up response forms for the course content and the effectiveness of the teacher. Needless to say, we are enjoying our chance to punch back anonymously at our teachers.
The inside news is that the content of the Physics course will change and the teachers are lobbying for reduction of the course load, specially for the first year students. I completely agree with them. Making us stay up till three in the mornings on account of finishing the course load is too much. We deserve some time on our own.
There, I'm rambling again. KV told me that I speak well but explain my points too much. Engineers should be precise. Well, that's my target for self improvement. That's all for now.
PS: All of you who visit my blog, please leave a comment so that I can know my regular readers ) (Not that there are many that is ;)


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