Monday, May 09, 2011

Swagat's Testimonial

It feels really good once in a while to receive a testimonial from a person you've worked with, one who truly understands you and your abilities. Swagat has been a dear friend - one with whom I've spent countless hours and from whom I've learnt a lot. As part of the usual rituals before passing out from campus, he wrote me a testimonial. Here's what he had to say:

  In a few days, we'll go our ways out of this place. In a few months, you'll start a new life and all this 

would be nothing but a memory. However, I think  our memories would be the best of the lot in my mind. 
I learned more from Divye than from the rest of the campus. He's a treasure of uncalculable amount of knowledge. And the best thing is there is no mystery behind why he is the DK. Many people have a superstition that hard work is for someone who has no ability/skill. DK is the first person who shattered such orthodoxy in me by proving how a combination of passion, ability and perseverance can make wonders in your life. Of many, I thank him for this one particularly. 
Everyone knows the geeky side of DK. They remember him whenever they face with any problem regarding computers. They know he is the go to guy for all tech problems. They feel insecure at the sight of his confidence and knowledge. If only they'd look beyond the beauty of his brain into the beauty of his heart. To anyone who still doubt it, I can assure you that DK is human like you and me :). For me he is the goto guy for any problem. 
He is my best friend. 
I only wish the times we solved puzzles together, we discussed current affairs, we had dinner/rolls 
together, we participated in COGNI, we experimented with the piano, and a lot more... if only they'd last 
forever... I'll miss you man...

DK's addendum: I won't miss you. You know why? Because we'll stay in touch. I don't let friends get away so easily. BTW, you're awesome! And thanks! :D