Google moving towards the "Google OS"

Google Code Blog: Announcing the Native Client Security Contest

Google is moving slowly but surely towards its much hyped (but never confirmed) "Google OS". Google has just announced the Google Native Client Security Contest which challenges students and professionals from around the globe to have a look at the Google Native Client (or NaCl as it is better known in the docs) to find bugs and vulnerabilities. The person who identifies the maximum number of bugs can receive (in typical Google fashion) upto $ 2^13 . Great chance for all you hackers out there to earn some real m00lah.

However, its not the money that has caught my eye in this contest. The most eye popping thing about this piece of software are the screenshots that show how a full fledged 3D game - Quake, is running right inside of a browser. Its no wonder that Google claims that it will revolutionize the degree of interactivity available inside of a browser. Have a look at the screenshot below:

Another thing that you should consider doing is reading the research paper of the people who built this sandbox. The've gone to great lengths to ensure security of their sandbox by using static code analysis, code flow control and syscall interception. Its really worth your time.


  1. Anonymous11:59 PM

    Can't understand anything after seeing that screen shot.

  2. Unfortunately, Google has not posted a better resolution screenshot of Quake running in Native Client.

    Quake is a very famous game from id Software. You can read about it here:


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