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Its rather rare that you come across a site with content really geared towards Indians with a look and feel matching any world class website. Take a quick look at the layout and source code of sites such as CNN-IBN and Aaj Tak and you will realize that we are really retards as far as decent site layouts and navigation is concerned. However, was a really refreshing change. The interface is quick and snazzy and the site runs on blazing fast servers - in fact, I would go as far as to state that I had a better experience with their quick registration and speedy interface than I had with GMail on Google servers. Oh and just not to forget, they've gone onto internet overdrive and I'm constantly receiving targeted ads that lead me to their site. Well, what can I say - you have me hooked! :-)

The first thing that I tried out was their radio service - its awesome! Have a look at the screenshot below:

Despite it being an obvious ripoff from, I really don't mind. They've got more Indian songs in such an accessible format that it took me less than 10 seconds to start listening to Kabhi Kabhi Aditi. The best part of it is that its free and delivers songs on demand and their Bollywood song collection beats the living daylights out of any other service on the internet. Thats not to say that they are lagging in the english songs department - there's plenty of fare for all metal and rock addicts. A point to note is that I did not receive any lag while switching songs and there were no annoying "buffering..." issues. A quick traceroute showed me that its because they are hosting the site on dedicated servers on the VSNL backbone. That gives a really stellar experience for Indians. All that money that's gone into making the site is really being spent intelligently.

The mail was not bad at all - a complete GMail ripoff - right down to the drop down contacts list. Have a look:

The cool colour combination, the smooth fonts and especially the news and radio services makes me feel that I'll be visiting it much more often. Also, the short and sweet id I registered for - divye at in dot com is the icing on the cake. I loved their service and if you are an Indian (or even otherwise), you will too. So, what are you waiting for? Rush!!! Go (listen to) Talli on this site ;-)


  1. Yup! Agree with you! Awesome site..
    the same kabhi kabhi aditi song started within 5 seconds :)....and the radio thing is really cool..but couldn't get the email id i wanted aditya was already taken! :| ...anyways for introducing me to this site :)


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