Looking at my blog, it just occurred to me that I have become very tardy in posting here. Its been over a month since my last post! Anyways, this is just to post the fact that my Bhawan Day concluded on 20th March and my room got trashed. Apparently, there is an age old custom of ensuring that the inmates atleast bother to clean their rooms once every year.
In a nutshell (for those of you who don't know), every hostel on campus organizes an evening of cultural events and a DJ. All inmates are allowed to invite 1 other person to the Bhawan Day (held at night, of course ;). Oh, I almost forgot - girls are also allowed to enter the Boys hostel on this day.
Coming back to the point, most people give their passes to their "Room Baaps" (seniors who have stayed at the room last year) and they end up coming with a few friends to their ex-room and trashing it. It only helps if you are a member of any student group like IMG or Watch Out. They come and finish off whatever is left of your room. Of course, the authorities have a field day after all this and they end up making a pretty penny from the fines imposed in the aftermath. I hope I escape a fine (The warden did read a quote written on the wall in fluorescent marker by one of the IMGians, so its all upto him now). I'll be putting up "beautiful" pics of my room here soon. It will make an interesting study - the Apocalypse and subsequent clean up. Suprisingly (or not, depending on how you look at it), my room looked cleaner after I ended up removing all the mess than it did before it got trashed.
Before I cleaned it up, it had quotes written on the walls with unconventional materials - red Close Up toothpaste, green Lifebuoy soap, white shaving cream, fluorescent marker (to name a few); the floor was littered with torn newspapers and water was on the matresses and quilts. Needless to say, I have to buy a lot of toiletries quite soon. After things quietened down around 10 PM, news came rushing over the airwaves - The Chief Warden is conducting a surprise check of all the rooms. All inmates are requested to be in their rooms or face automatic fines. Out came the dusters, the pail of water and off I went scrubbing... After the inspection, the day wasn't done - time and tutorials don't wait for trifles like Bhawan Days and finally, I went off to sleep, exhausted, at 2 PM...
This is my story, but let my faithful friend - the reader be a part of another one. IITJEE, the world's toughest engineering entrance examination, is going to be held once again to select another batch of students for the premier institutions of India. I give all those students giving this examination my best wishes and I wish them luck. Just spare 2 minutes and mentally send your blessings to all of these hardworking students, and don't forget to send a special small "best of luck" for students from my school - Loyola. Go Loyola!


  1. 'Bhawan day' sounds like a real frustration killer!!! Must have been a really interesting evening for you...... When you coming to Delhi next boy???

  2. Well u know wat... I wud certainly wait till you upload the pictures you've talked bout in the post!! My comments wud wait till then!

  3. Anonymous2:44 AM

    ah, a fellow victim....well, add floor smeared with sunscreen lotion to ur description n u'll get a picture of my room. anywayz, nice post. no geeky stuff finally. btw, computers@iitr??? is that supposed to give lesser mortals in other depts an inferiority complex?


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