A lot of people have been asking me about what they should make for the ISC Physics project. Well, all I can tell them and those who are here looking for more info is that I made a full wave rectifier. Its really easy and fun to make and the concepts of a diode are really cleared up. For more info, consult Wikipedia or Google: full wave rectifier.
While on this topic, I came across some good explanations about the internal working structure of a transistor. Its by an amateur electronics hobbyist but he does a good job on the whole. Check out his site.
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  1. hi,
    thanks a lot for the help. im sure it mightv helpd a few. the transistor article is nice, though i havent read it completely.i will, 4 sure.
    btw, isnt the time of ur posting (3:52 AM) a bit too early? DO SLEEP. dont tell me IITians dont.
    c ya.


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