Ok, I'm back in Jamshedpur. To echo the opinions of hostelers all over the world - "There is nothing like home cooked food." I went to a party tonight on the occasion of Vijaya Dashami and I had fun there. I was dead tired after my train trip and a restless night as I wasn't sure of the time of arrival of Neelanchal at TATA. I took Tipu out for a walk after 2 months (God, was he delighted at seeing me after such a long time) and got caught in the rain and came back drenched and dirty. But does anyone really care about that.
Don't know and don't care. I just have to write or type - however you see it. Coming back to the point, Soumya got impatient at being made to wait for so long for the next move in our chess series. Just for the record, the current status of the match is -
1. c4 e5
2. e4 c5
3. d3 Nc6
4. Nc3 ...
But I'm too tired to think up of any suitable reply. Any help would be welcome. Just comment on this post and constructive and destructive criticism is most welcome.
On my way back from Roorkee, I stopped by for a day in Delhi and met Anunay and Gopal (refer to last post to know more about him). Anunay is doing his B.Com(Hons) from Amity as there are a few problems with his admissions in Symbiosis in B.Com(LLB). He's free more or less and absolutely disgusted with the faculty teaching him. So note: All those considering Amity as their future, think twice. That reminds me - Abhishek Ghosh was supposed to be in Amity. Wonder what hapenned to him. I'll ask Arijit.
As for Gopal, he's founding a youth wing at the Rashtrapati Bhawan. Anybody interested in joining should keep a watch at www.presidentofindia.nic.in/youth This site is not yet up but it should be up soon according to Gopal. By going to Harvard, Gopal is depriving India of a wonderful and imaginative mind.
I met Mrinal today. He's doing well at Tank. If he keeps this up, he's well on his way to clear IIT-JEE next year. Hopefully, the new pattern should be for his benefit. That reminds me that I need to meet all my teachers while I'm here for the pujas.
Well, while on the topic of teachers, I just wanted to discuss my Mathematics sir. He is an enhanced photocopy of our most beloved NATO sir. He too insists on proper framing of solutions and showing all steps while solving the problem. He reminds me of NATO sir everytime he writes on the blackboard. Next update will include my interactions with my teachers.
Till then, Sayonara
Signing off... Divye
PS: That was a line ripped off from Lage Raho Munna Bhai.


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